What is the difference between RAK5146 USB vs SPI version?

I’m looking at the datasheet and I can’t determine what the main difference is between the SPI and USB version. I bought an SPI version and a PCIE to USB adapter and the board does not work.

Hello @gustavobsch ,

SPI and USB are using different buses.
The Mini PCI E adapter is made to be used with USB version and the idea is to convert the PCI E physical interface to USB. You can not use it with the SPI version. There is a note on the store:

Nikola Semov

This version of the RAK5146 module utilizes a USB interface for communication. It means that the module can be connected directly to a device or host system ytmp3indir using a USB connection. This version is typically used when you need to interface the RAK5146 module with a computer or a device that supports USB connectivity.

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Thank you both. I’ll order the USB type next time

SPI and USB versions likely differ in their communication protocols and hardware requirements. Double-checking the datasheet or contacting technical support could help clarify the specific differences and ensure compatibility for your setup.