What is the Semtech License to decrypt fine timestamps?

Hello guys

I opened these topics:

looking for some guidelines about if the RAK7243 supports geolocation. Given that I didn’t obtain the confirmation I need, I will explain again:

I got 03 RAK7243 located on the same physical place. So, when the 03 of them are GPS-synchronized, I use a node to send LoRaWAN packets to acquire the timestamps and I was able to see that same packet timestamps differ up to milliseconds. That means that, the RAKs are not synchronized up to nanoseconds, not even microseconds.

So research about this and found what Semtech FAQ says about it:

So, what is the Semtech License to obtain fine timestamps? Is it the access to other semtech libraries for the packet forwarder, more precisely, access to other libraries that sync more accurately the SX1301 with the GPS?

In other words, I want to know if it is possible that the SX1301 obtains nanosecond accuracy from the Ublox Max7Q GPS by modifying the timersync.c file, or should I go and buy Kerlink iBTS instead?

So please, can you confirm if RAK7243 is part of the 2nd generation"location enabled” gateway, or is it the 1st generation gateway reference designs (which does not support location feature)?