What it the alhoritm when LoraWAN Gateway received wrong message?

I have a theoretical situation where we have a LoraWan gateway with endpoints and also we have some Lora devices, that don’t use LoraWan protocol, but use the same radio setting.
What does Gateway do when receives an incorrect message? Ignore, change the channel, or something else? Also, what can LoraWAN nodes do when receive the wrong package?
I understand it will depend on concrete realization, but maybe someone checks it


Hi @Yevhen ,

When you say Radio Settings, it could mean same frequency, datarate, etc. However, that’s only the physical layer. LoRaWAN gateways have software that routes that the lora packets to the LNS then it is the LNS job to identify the device, capture the payload then decode (via application server).

If you plan not to use LoRaWAN and have your own protocol, you can create a custom one for your LoRa Gateway or even tweak the standard semtech packet forwarder. You have to do the same on the LoRa end device - adapt it to your new protocol or capitalize the LoRaWAN stack used.