What's the diferrence between the Rak 2247 & 2287?

I’m wanting to build a Helium light hotspot with my Raspberry Pi. I found on the Helium light hotspot docs that I can use a Rak 2247 or 2287 to create one. I’m curious what the difference is between the two, and which one would be serve the purpose of a high quality light hotspot to go on my RPi 4. I noticed that their are versions that are a usb plugin, but was curious what it’s affiliation with raspberry pi was since it isn’t a hat. Thanks for your time!

Hello @a1projects , Welcome to RAK forum.

The main differences: The RAK 2287 is more efficient and has a built-in GPS

Ok, is there a way to add a sim card to the raspberry pi build or the hat to be able to have cell internet service?

Hello @a1projects ,
I’ve never done this but I think the simplest and cheapest option is to connect an external 4G router to the gateway board.

You mean like a RUT240?

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Yes . The RUT240 has 2 ethernet ports and wi-fi.I didn’t know that Lithuania makes routers.
RUT240 - 4G/LTE Wi-Fi Router | Teltonika Networks (teltonika-networks.com)