When and How are Rak V2 Helium Miner Firmware/Software Updates Released?

Dear RAK V2 Helium Miner Community,

The Helium community is always sending out notifications about software updates being released for Helium Mining. However, they always state that the updates are released to the device manufacturers (RAK) for example) and that it is up to the device manufacturers to apply and release the updates to the devices.

1.) How does RAK release updates for their devices (specifically for the RAK V2 Helium Miner?).

2.) Are the updates automatically pushed out to our devices? Or do we have to download and install the updates on our own?

3.) If it’s a manual process - Where do we get the updates from , for our RAK V2 Helium Miner?

4.) Is there a way to get notified by RAK, when updates are made available? (Via email, or other?) Or when they are auto applied, or ready to be applied to our devices?

Thank you for any information you can provide. Love the device!

Hey @wdaytonco ,

  1. Updates are pushed within 24 hours from the notifications you are referring to, this is true for all RAK v2 and MNTD Hotspots.
  2. The process is automatic, nothing has to be done on the customer side, except for keeping the hotspot operational with a stable internet connection of at least 10MBps.
  3. See 2.
  4. This is not available as I said within 24 hours of the release. One thing to note is that we are working on our own App (currently in Beta testing), which will provide a feature to remotely monitor the hotspots and it will include the current firmware version to be reported if I am not mistaken.
    It will be coming as the next stage of the app development after we deploy it post beta testing.


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Hotspot: mini-steel-osprey
Hotspot Maker: CalChip Connect
Address: 115HeY6NtpmcpqdfEt6xm21KCoR6GTYgLD9zTqKEqXaBouBSjK6
Connected to Blockchain: yes
Dialable: yes
Height: 1.404.196
Last Challenge: 2022-06-19 04:40 PM
Firmware: 2022.04.19.0
App Version: 4.1.0
Wi-Fi MAC: 60…
Eth MAC: 60…
IP Address:
Disk status: ok
Report Generated: 2022-06-19 07:45 PM
Device Info: sweet | android 31

Bei mir scheint es nicht der Fall zu sein. Mein Firmware ist nicht aktuell. Wo kann ich die Firmware herunterladen um selber zu Flaschen wenn ich keine 10mb Internet hätte??


You have the latest firmware as I pointed out in my previous post, the core firmware latest version is 04.19. What updates within 24 hours of Helium announcing new firmware post 04.19 is the miner container itself, think of it like the core firmware being the OS and the miner being an app on a phone. The app updates where the operating system stays the same. You can’t see it, but the miner is up to date, rest assured.


why are the whitneses going down???? I have to send the report up to the roof every 3 days and then 2 hours later I have over 20 whitnes. my previous high was 40 and now i cant even get 13 whitneses

@Hobo It would be great to include the app/miner version in the diagnostic report for clarity. I am a software engineer and I was also confused about this topic.

It is explained in the latest announcement: