When I firmware update via LoRaButton, the program is down

Issue: program is down



When I firmware update via LoRaButton, the program is down.
Before executing it, using stm32, boot file? We performed something like that normally.
And when you try to install firmware with the lorabutton, it will no longer run as the sentence starts with the same sentence as start sending.
Did I miss anything?


Hi @zerotiger ,

Can you check what is the current RAK7205 FW your device have?

The method of update the FW will depend on your current FW. If you will upload the latest FW, you should use either RAK DFU Tool or STM32CubeProgrammer.

Complete instruction can be found here - RAK5205 Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Btw, please do note that the RAK7205 is already an EOL product and no longer active in our store.

thank you your reply.
I tried using RAK DFU, but there was a failure. The content says Device firmware upgrade timeout.

It is important to know what is your RAK7205 FW first.

That way, we will know if RAK DFU or STM32CubeProgrammer is the one to use.

From the link I shared above :slight_smile: