When is the soil sensor coming out?

I was curious what day in January the soil sensor is coming out. Will I be able to find it in the Rak store online in January? Looking to purchase one as soon as it comes out

Launch will be mid/end of January.

I am testing it for nearly a month now and it works quite well. But my prototypes are not yet protected (electronics is open, missing the coating and shrink tube).

Firmware for the soil sensor is already done: WisBlock/examples/RAK4630/solutions/RAK12035_RAK4631_LPWAN at master · RAKWireless/WisBlock · GitHub

I can 3D print a case for it and I have some shrink tubes. What does the coating do that needs to be put on? I am very excited and will be grabbing that as soon as it comes out!

Hi. It is just an additional protection from getting wet. :slight_smile:

How does one order additional RAK12035 sensors, since the RAK12023 can support up to 3x of them (but only comes with 1x)?

Hi @Botched1 ,

I already ask our team about this. Surely, you should be able to get extra RAK12035 only.

Good luck! Email support has bounced me around 2x already trying to get this answer.

There is no (obvious) way to order only a RAK12035 on the website, store, or any 3rd party store that carries RAKwireless devices.

Unfortunate, as that could be an interesting solution - but only if I could populate a RAK12023 with 3 sensors, otherwise it isn’t cost effective.

Hi @Botched1 ,

I saw your ticket in our system.

Rest assured that this will be handled well. We still have to add the soil probe only it in our store so your case is special order. We are handling it already :slight_smile:

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Excellent, and thank you for following up.

While we have been building a lot of custom lorawan devices, we very much like the idea of how WisBlock works/ease of implementation to reduce effort.

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You’re right. Support got back with me and are getting it all taken care of. I’m looking forward to trialing this application.