When NO GSM network, store uplinks to TF Card. When GSM network is UP, forward the stored uplinks


We have a Outdoor LoRa Gateway RAK7240.

With the firmware updated to the latest version: Firmware Version 1.1.0045_Release r176

(1) Earlier the USB storage was happening.

(2) We know it’s only the Sys logs that are getting stored.That implies the shell “process” responsible for storing data is working fine.
–> So in a way SD card storage is tested.

(3) Though not what what we exactly needed.

(4) GSM was already working.
–> Since uplinks are going to LoRa server.

(5) What we want is
(a) Besides Syslog, only the uplinks that fail to get forwarded to the Server
because of NO GSM, get stored on the TF card.
(b) When the GSM network is UP agaain, the stored uplink are forwarded to the Server.

(6) If this has already been implemented, HOW do we test this ?


Please, reconnect to the gateway and check the time stamp of the packets that are received after it reconnects
They should have the correct time stamps, the one from the time of them actually being sent by the sensor, which should be some time before the time of reception of the packet.

Ok. Mr. Vladis, I will check.

This is how packets look when they are being buffed if there is no connection to the server.

Hello Vladis,

I do not see any message like “Push into buffer”.

Did you turn on “Automatic data recovery”?