Where to find and how to add various sensors

I would like to know if you have any of the following sensors:

  1. Oxygen level in the open air
  2. CO2 level in the open air
    RGB color sensor (so if I target an apple and it changes color from green to brown this sensor should detect the change)
  3. NH3 - ammonia level in the open air
  4. volatile organic components

Please also tell us if you don’t have those sensors if there is any workaround to connect third-party sensors to your RAK boards.

Hello @digib

CO2 sensor will come in our next WisBlock modules launch (starting July 4th).

We do not have the other sensors (yet), but I will put it in our planning for new modules.

For specific gas sensors, I usually tell IoT people to look at SPEC sensors.

These sensors do not have heating element in them making them good for battery-powered IoT devices. Interfaces are UART and ADC so you can directly connect it to the headers if WisBlock Base RAK5005-O.

In case you want to add more sensors that require more pins, you can always use WisBlock adapter/extender modules.

We will be launching two more IO adapater/extender modules next week in WisBlock Week which are in standard 2.54mm pitch header connectors.