Where to find and how to add various sensors

I would like to know if you have any of the following sensors:

  1. Oxygen level in the open air
  2. CO2 level in the open air
    RGB color sensor (so if I target an apple and it changes color from green to brown this sensor should detect the change)
  3. NH3 - ammonia level in the open air
  4. volatile organic components

Please also tell us if you don’t have those sensors if there is any workaround to connect third-party sensors to your RAK boards.

Hello @digib

CO2 sensor will come in our next WisBlock modules launch (starting July 4th).

We do not have the other sensors (yet), but I will put it in our planning for new modules.

For specific gas sensors, I usually tell IoT people to look at SPEC sensors.

These sensors do not have heating element in them making them good for battery-powered IoT devices. Interfaces are UART and ADC so you can directly connect it to the headers if WisBlock Base RAK5005-O.

In case you want to add more sensors that require more pins, you can always use WisBlock adapter/extender modules.

We will be launching two more IO adapater/extender modules next week in WisBlock Week which are in standard 2.54mm pitch header connectors.

I’m mainly interested in an Oxygen sensor and I don’t see one listed on the SPEC sensors list.
I’ve found a sensor here: Oxygen sensor 4OXV 4OX V 40XV oxygen probe O2 oxygen cell|Sensors| - AliExpress but I’m not sure if I can integrate this solution to the RAK boards - please advise.

I’ve also found this complete solution here: Lora Wireless Oxygen Sensor O2 Temperature Humidity Pressure 4 in 1 Wireless Data Logger 470/433/868/915mhz Battery Replaceable|transmitter wireless|transmitter sensortransmitter battery - AliExpress but I would like to build myself something similar using the RAK boards.

Please note that I already have both the RAK1920 and RAK5804.

What options do I have?

Hello @digib

I cannot find a datasheet for the Oxygen sensor 4OXV. The information on Aliexpress is not very detailed. I do not know if this sensor can be connected to WisBlock.

We do not have an Oxygen sensor in our module plan yet, but if you can find a sensor with a proper datasheet and more detailed information, I might be able to answer you if it can be used with WisBlock.

What exactly is the information do you need? I need what to ask the seller, maybe he can help.

Also, what about this one: Manorshi Medical Ultrasonic Oxygen Concentration Sensor For Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Buy Ultrasonic Oxygen Concentration Sensor,Ultrasonic Oxygen Sensor,Medical Ultrasonic Oxygen Sensor Product on Alibaba.com ?

It seems like it does some detailed datasheet, but again, I don’t know what exactly are you looking for.

I am sorry, we are here to support RAKwireless products. You have to select the sensor that matches your requirements by yourself.

Once you have a sensor and have problems to connect it to WisBlock, we can support.

I can fully understand that you only support RAKwireless products but I also need to know what type of sensor or better yet, what type of connection, does my sensor need to have in order to be able to connect to the WisBlock. This information is related to the RAK product itself, not the third-party sensor.

I have managed to get the technical data from a company selling such sensors so please take a look:

Again, thank you for your support, I really appreciate it.

Here are all supported connections and buses listed: Documentation

6 GPIO’s
2 I2C
2 Analog input

Choose a sensor and then check if it is supported.