Where to source WisConnectors for custom backplane?

Hi, we are in the design stages of building a custom backplane for Wisblock, because the RAK5005-O and other standard RAK backplanes do not meet our specific needs.

I need to source the WisConnector 24 and 40 pin connectors for this project. Can anyone let me know what manufacturer and part number are these connectors, so that I can source reels from major supplier like Digikey for our PCB assembly company?

They look very similar to Molex SlimStack 51338 (see here) but I do not think this is the exact match.

Thanks for any assistance.

Hi @thegpx ,

We uses TXGA connector for the WisBlock board-to-board connector. The part numbers is in the store page.

Alternative is the panasonic connector as mentioned on @beegee 's blog post nearly three years ago - How to Create Custom WisBlock Sensor or WisBlock IO Module

I can find the datasheet for that panasonic part here - https://api.pim.na.industrial.panasonic.com/file_stream/main/fileversion/2813

Maybe you can check with your PCB manufacturers if they can have access to those. Else, they can also buy from us since we offer those in our store.

Please note that you might need the small inserts and compatible screws as well for the base. We have that in store too - Custom PCB accessory Kit – RAKwireless Store

Thanks Carl, for some reason I failed to see those part numbers when checking the item on your store. Apologies for bothering you. Question: the TXGA connectors are listed as “Inactive” on the TXGA site - does this mean they have been sunset and will become unavailable soon? If so, I am assuming you will simply switch to the Panasonic units moving forward? or is there a plan to change connectors?

FYI on the “How To Create” page referenced above, the Panasonic connector (Part # A4S) link no longer points to the connector’s datasheet. I was able to find it on Archive.org and have linked here to my Google Drive if this is helpful for someone going forward.

For anyone interested, the connector mated height is 0.8mm and the Panasonic part numbers are:
Sensor Male: 24 pin AXE624124
Sensor Female: 24 pin AXE524127
IO Male: 40 pin AXE640124
IO Female: 40 pin AXE540127

These are available at suppliers like Digikey but at this time (September-2023) their prices are higher than RAK.

Does RAK offer tape/reel quantities of these connectors for sale?