Which concentrator for 8 channel AU915?

Hi, I have a 16 channel gateway (7240) on AU915 (ttn, so channel 8-15, channel 65). I assume although it’s a 16 channel and only 8 are in operation, that if I want to place a higher db antenna, I only need to replace one. Which one?
Thanks in advance.

Here is a screenshot of my setup…

Hello @Andy,
The antennas are labeled. You need to replace concentrator 0’s antenna (The antenna labeled with LoRa but not with LoRa2).

Ok, thanks @Nikola, I assumed this would be the case. Is it ok if I remove or disable via the firmware the “concentrator1” if it’s not required? And if so I assume it would not require an antenna (other than some sort of protection of course)?

You can disable it via WEB UI or not, it does not matter, but you should not leave the gateway working without an antenna attached to the concentrator, as this may damage it.
If you want to remove the antenna due to lack of space, you can use “dummy load”, but never leave the antenna connector free.

No problems, thanks @Nikola.

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