White or black 5.8dBi Fiberglass Antenna

Hi all,

Could someone explain why there are two different versions of the 5.8dBi antenna, one white and one black? There seems to be some slight differences beyond just the color.
One is 50 ohm impedance and the other 75 ohm. Does that matter? Only other difference seems to be the black one has a slightly more efficient radiation efficiency.
I can see these are recommended for gateways. Can either be used on any of the RAK gateways (of coarse with correct adapter or cable)? Would they even work on a WisDuo Breakout module with the RP-SMA to N-Type Cable?


Hi @robins . The 75 ohms is a technical mistake, it should be 50 ohms! Otherwise, the black antenna has slightly better performance. Yes, both can be used with all RAK gateways - directly with WisGate Edge outdoor gateways and with an adapter cable for WisGate Edge indoor and WisGate Developer series. And yes, you can use the fiberglass antennas with the nodes :slight_smile:

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