Whitelist filtering of NetID vs device address

Issue: Seems like filtering of NetID dont work as expected?

I have enabled whitelisting and set correct OUI (Semtech) and NetID (private net), but still I see packets passing not matching the whitelisting.

    option white_enable '1'
    list white_netids '0'
    list white_ouis '0016C0'

Setup: Packet forwarder running firmware 1.3.9 (and 2.2.2 on 7289CV2)

Details:Still see packets starting with deviceaddr: 2701C9xx passing through.
Based on my understanding these kind of packets using deviceaddr in the 27 range should belong to network ID 13 (TTN) and given my whitelisting of only NetID “0”, these devices shouldn’t been allowed.

Or am I missing something?