WhiteList seems not working in RAK7249

Hi there!
I’m trying to set up the Lora Packet Forwarder of the RAK7249 gateway. I’m using chirpstack as Lora Server.
When I disable the LoraWAN Public option from the Lora Packet Forwarder section, all my nodes are not listen to by my Loraserver because they are filtered by the gateway.
After reading some topics about this trouble I find out that I had to add the node to the white List, but this didn’t change anything. I tried adding the first 6 bytes of the Device EUI to the OUI list.
However, if I enable the LoraWAN Public option, all the packets are sent to the lora server.
Thanks in advance!


LoRaWAN “public” has to do with the preamble of the actual transmission. If this is set on the gateway in a way that mismatches how it is set on the node, in theory no packets will be picked up by the concentrator chip, and no further settings will matter. (In practice the preamble filter leaks mismatched packets occasionally anyway)

Device filtering or whitelisting would only apply to packets actually received - ie, those that match the public or private preamble setting.

Why do you want to filter devices anyway? Chirpstack will just ignore packets from nodes that aren’t yours.

Hi Chris,
I believe i’m not understanding the propuse of the LoRaWAN public function, neither the whitelist option. Do you know where can I find more information about this? I didn’t find information in the Gateway manual.

On the other hand, I wanted to enable some filters before the server because I’d like to reduce the backhaul traffic of the Gateway. In addition, if the Gateway has this function, I’d like to take advantage of it.

Ignore the public/private, configuring filtering and whitelist only