Why do we have both RAK4630 and RAK4631 part numbers?

Is the RAK4630 an old/retired version? and if so why are new units labeled with RAK4630 sticker, instead of RAK4631? Can we possibly consolidate into a single part number and update docs to avoid confusion?

I am willing to help with Wisblock documentation updates and improvements (in this and other areas) if the admins could use some help.

There is a RAK4631 product page but attempt to go to RAK4630 product page result in 404 error.

OK I think I’m seeing more clarity on this: the RAK4630 is the bare module, but the RAK4631 is the module mounted on a Wisblock carrier. Correct?

Even so I would say this adds confusion as some people are searching RAK4631 and others RAK4630 due to the label on their device itself…

Look on the bottom of the RAK4631 and you see the RAK4631

Having RAK4630 on the label is required for CE/UKCA/FCC/IC certifications, because the certifications are done with the stamp module RAK4630 and would be void if we put a different name on the label.

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Got it, makes sense. Thank you.

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