Why Gateway RAK7248 Status Disconnected

Issue: Gateway disconnected TTN Server

Setup: Gateway RAK7248

Server: TTN Server

Details: after setting with guideline status show Disconnected

Hello @Suphika ,
Have you set the Packet Forwarder to TTN?

Nikola Semov

hello @Nikola
How I can set Packet Forwarder to TTN?

Hello @Suphika ,

You can use this guide to set up your gateway with TTN : RAK7248 Supported LoRa Network Servers | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Best Regards,
Nikola Semov

Yes, I followed that process. But my gateway has status Disconnected all the time since the first time sticking to the configure


Hi I just want to know if you found the solution? If so, please let me know, we are also having the same issue.