Why is my gateway continuously transmitting?

Hello mates,

I have connected my gateway rak7258 with LTE and it has a lot of unexpected traffic. I have only two sensors transmitting every 5min and it takes hours to waste 10MB (yes, MB).

What is it transmitting? How can I fix that?

I have seen in the system’s register that it tries to connect each second to an MQTT (I don’t understand why). Attatched you’ll find a snapshot.


Hi @mat92,

What LTE card are you using, does it have data only or, data and voice ?
Seems to me that the Quectel modules keeps trying to request a channel for the voice, thus it is looping endlessly.
I could be wrong though, maybe some more info will help :slight_smile:
Thank you.


The operator is ThongsMobile and it is only data, no voice.

If your hypothesis is correct, how could I turn off the quectel module?


Hi @mat92

Thongs or Things Mobile? I see UMTS connection ? Can you check what coverage you have there 2G, 3G, 4G?


Hello there,

Sorry, it was Things Mobile* We have 4G coverage. Embedded lora server is disabled.
Don’t know what is happening: 4m with 20MB of data received seems too much!