Why is RAK2477 more suited to be a repeater than RAK811?

Hey Guys,

I am a beginner with LoRa modules. I want to use a repeater to extend the range of a LoRa network. The repeater is required to recieve data from 5-6 LoRa end devices and its throughput is very low, around 6 bytes payload per end device. Should I use RAK811 which is just a normal LoRa module or RAK2477 which is a dedicated repeater module?

Hi @LaxmanSC I suppose you have in mind the RAK2247 LoRa Concentrator module, right? It is meant to be used for LoRa Gateways, not end devices. As it can be possibly used for such purpose you need to build the HAL and its software from scratch.
You should use an end device LoRa radion as RAK811, here you can find some insights about this: Lorawan repeater - TTN Network and Services - The Things Network

Btw, the RAK811 is an EOL device.

You are confusing LoRa and LoRaWAN. The RAK811 is an old but good product that can be used as a LoRa and LoRaWAN end device, and possibly as a LoRa receiver / range extender / Internet bridge (if connected to a computer for instance). I have a few projects running on RAK811, despite it being End Of Life. It is/was a good module, and I have a few of them – for which I usually write custom code. See for instance this project.

RAK2477 is a LoRaWAN-only product. And possibly EOL too. Depending on what you are looking for a concentrator could be a solution BUT anyway it doesn’t extend the range of your end devices…

First work out what you want to do, and using which transport layer: LoRa or LoRaWAN. Then you can pick your tools.