Why is RAK7249 bundled with GPS?

Hi, I see that the RAK7249 DIY Gateway has GPS input.

However it has NTP client so it can get accurate time over the network. [1]
It would need even better GPS time if it support localization but I read that it does not. [2]

So why should I add GPS antenna to the gateway? What purpose does it have? Thanks!

[1] https://downloads.rakwireless.com/en/LoRa/DIY-Gateway-RAK7249/Application-Notes/RAK_LoRaWAN_Commercial_Gateway_Configuration_Guide_V1.7.pdf
[2] “I’m looking for a LoRaWAN Gateway in the AU915-928 ISM band that supports node geolocation through fine-timestamp. Does RAK7249 Bundle Pro - AU915 support it? - Hello, It does not support it, none of our Gateways do. Regards Vladislav” https://store.rakwireless.com/products/rak7249-diy-outdoor-gateway

I really need it since I’m using it for different locations. That way I don’t need to remember to update it’s coordinates. TTN utilize the GPS coordinates as well and the price of adding the hardware for it doesn’t add much to the cost. I like it.

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