Wi-Fi client mode not working

Hi I’m trying to setup the RAK7244C as per the guide, but the client mode for Wi-Fi just won’t work. The AP mode works fine, and I’ve tried redoing the steps many times and reflashed the sd card but still no luck. Both my laptop and gateway should both be connected to the same network but when I try to ssh (using same IP as access point) it just times out.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

It’s quite unlikely that it would have the same IP in AP and client modes.

The IP of the client mode interface would typically be assigned by the router of the network it joins, via DHCP. Look in your router’s DHCP status page client list.

Often pi’s have an mdns name responder - eg, raspberrypi.local on raspbian, not sure if that would be the case here or what the name would be.

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Ok, I will look into it, thank you.

Ok, I’ve same problem and I check my router’s DHCP status page client list.
and gateway is not login on my red.
someone can help?

First make sure you disable AP mode and connect to the router SSID. Once you reboot it should autoconnect and then show up on the client list.

Thaks Alex, Finnaly I’m conect to my router.However, in TTN Gateway status is not not connected.
should I delete gateway and register again in TTN ?

NO, the TTN Console gateway status is very unreliable - as documented all over the TTN forum - just look at the traffic page for, er, traffic or ideally use a device to send an uplink and check for its arrival on the device page.