Wi-Fi Metric Setting

I can see that the metric of my Wi-Fi interface of my RAK7258 is 30 via SSH, I can’t find anywhere to change this in the web pages though.

Could this option be added to the Wi-Fi settings page?

For what it’s worth, I want to achieve the following metric ordering for the interfaces…
LOWEST → Ethernet (WAN) → Wi-Fi (Client) → Cellular → HIGHEST.

The device will primarily use Ethernet and only switch to the Wi-Fi and eventually Cellular upon failure.

EDIT: I’ve tried increasing the metric in the /etc/config/network file but for some reason, I lose access to the GUI and SSH via the Cellular IP when I do this.


Hi @igloodan Such functionality will be available in the next FW release.
As for the manual config via SSH I need to reach the dev team. @yutao


Thanks for the update, I look forward to the new firmware being released.
I’ve noticed a few people having issues with the WiFi client function around the forum so hopefully it will all be improved at the same time!

Thanks again.

Yes, we confirmed a bug that prevents normal Wi-Fi communication in Client only mode. When the Client + AP mode is selected, the link is ok. Will be fixed.

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