Wi-Fi performance of RAK7249 DIY Gateway

Hi All,

I have bought couple of RAK7249 DIY Gateways, where I’m using its Wi-Fi access point to send data from 50 devices (mostly not concurrent) when those devices are in close proximity of Gateways. These devices post HTTP requests to a server that has a payload of 16KB. My concerns and problems are,

  1. What is the maximum number of Wi-Fi connections that a Gateway can handle or limited to?.
  2. When use its Wi-Fi network to surf internet from my laptop, I am experiencing packet drops.
  3. Does this network performs similar to a router?.

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Hi. Wi-Fi is mainly for monitoring the Gateway and sending LoRaWAN data to Internet. It is not made for using it as a WiFI router, but it can act as such. What FW version is used?