WI-FI settings and credential access gateway

Issue: WI-FI Setting and credential access gateway


LoRa® Server:TTN


I have problems with the pw wifi when there is no network it loses the settings and also does not make me change the credentials for access to the gataway, can someone help me?

Can you be more specific about the circumstances, and what steps you are taking?

Are you performing a factory settings reset in these circumstances? You probably should not be, but it is unclear why the settings would be lost otherwise.

Hi Chris e thank you for you replay, yes, perhaps the problem arose after resetting the gateway, in practice if there is no electricity network the wi-fi deletes the password and remains unlocked, then I noticed that it does not save even if I change the access credentials to the gateway …
some time ago, I removed it from the SD card because it made me errors on the backend traffic, could this be the reason for not saving the settings?

problem solved, I first backed up the configuration, then I updated the firmware with the latest version and everything is ok.
I then simulated a power failure, and finally the gateway stores both the access password and the WiFi password. everything OK!