Wiring query for solar panel


I have a Wisblock Kit 2.
I believe the plug for the solar panel is wired the wrong way.

I have photographed it.
Can you confirm please if it correct or not


Wiring is correct. Red wire of battery and solar are inside, black wires are at the edge of the Base board. It is just confusing because on the battery connector the :arrow_backward: is on GND and on the solar connector the :arrow_forward: is on the 5V input.

Hi Bernd
Thanks for your reply.
It makes sense that the GND connection would be on the outside as that is where the GND track is likely to be on the PCB.
However, the documentation says the opposite, unfortunately.
See below


Please check the documentation. For the solar panel connector, the triangle is Vin, not GND. I cross checked against the schematics.

Thank you for reporting this.