Wis Gate OS on developer gateway?

I have a setup very similar to the RAK7248 developer gateway (RPi 4 + RAK2287 (SPI)), which I’d like to get working with AWS IoT. I’ve had a hard time doing this myself with LoRa BasicStation from Semtech, and the Developer Gateway Firmware only supports TTN and Chripstack which is limiting.

I was hoping to get a more fully-featured system and it looks like there are a number of features provided through Wis Gate OS (GUI, CUPS authentication, etc) that are not provided through the rak-common-for-gateway that runs on the developer gateways.

Is there a way to run Wis Gate OS on my current setup to give me access to the GUI and these other features?

Not realistically, no, as they’re based on the OpenWRT platform’s tooling and capabilities (eg, luci, etc), and some are only available in binary form targeting the MIPS architecture and unique libc, rather than the pi’s ARM architecture and more usual libc.

You should be able to use a fairly generic basicstation for sx1302 solution, the key changes would be reducing the clock speed and working around the lack of a temperature sensor to compensate RX rssi (chances are you don’t really care, and can just force a guessed temperature)

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