Wisblock 19007 charging max

Couldn’t find it at first glance in the paperwork, hoping some one can pipe in. What is the max charging wattage for the 19007 base board?
tried charging a 1000Mah with a 22w Samsung fast charger and it works
tried with a 45w version and it wont charge.

I may just be confused as to the numbers or watts Vs ma, but the documentation from Rak shows 4.2v at 350ma
having a hard time figuring out what that converts to with watts from a wallwart.

The charging current is defined by a resistor on the charger chip.

The selected resistor puts the charging current at around 350mA

From USB you get 5V minus the forward voltage loss of ~0.5V of a schottky diode in the path.

So the max current drawn from the USB charger is ~1.75W
I am guessing your 45W charger might just shut down because it thinks there is nothing connected.