Wisblock-api where to get LoRaWan-Arduino.h file and library?

I’m trying to compile the wisblock-api.ino example. I already installed the WisBlock-API library in Arduino. Now when I compile I get error "fatal error: LoRaWan-Arduino.h: No such file or directory
77 | #include <LoRaWan-Arduino.h>

I have tried to install the LoRa Node and also the LoRa libraries, but these do not help. Which library needs to be installed for this?

Thank you.

Nevermind, I found the library is part of the SX126x-Arduino library by @beegee.

Please note that it is also necessary to install the Arduino Low Power library

WisBlock API is still work in progress, But you are right, I should mention in the documentation that SX126x-Arduino library is required, or add it as dependency, so that it is automatically installed.

I am 100% sure I do not make any use of the Arduino Low Power library because this library is for the SAMD21 MCU and does not work with the nRF52 MCU’s.

I don’t have success with LoRaWan on the RAK RP2040/WisBlock with PlatformIO. It seems to work OK on Arduino.

For PlatformIO: Im looking for library with “LoRaWan-Arduino.h” code and cant find it. The SX127x-Arduino seems to miss some lorawan definitions including Device Class, Region, Confirm, etc that are in the LoraWan-Arduino library. All examples seem to focus on the NRf part and not RPi2040? Is it just me (often is!) or is RAK2040 docs and code still “work in progress”?

Examples for RAK11300 LoRaWAN are in the WisBlock repo

More information how to use the SX126x-Arduino library are in the library docs

Installation of SX126x-Arduino library is done through the PIO library manager

LoRaWAN-Arduino library is something different and (as far as I know) does not support the SX1262 used in the WisBlock Core modules.