Wisblock-api where to get LoRaWan-Arduino.h file and library?

I’m trying to compile the wisblock-api.ino example. I already installed the WisBlock-API library in Arduino. Now when I compile I get error "fatal error: LoRaWan-Arduino.h: No such file or directory
77 | #include <LoRaWan-Arduino.h>

I have tried to install the LoRa Node and also the LoRa libraries, but these do not help. Which library needs to be installed for this?

Thank you.

Nevermind, I found the library is part of the SX126x-Arduino library by @beegee.

Please note that it is also necessary to install the Arduino Low Power library

WisBlock API is still work in progress, But you are right, I should mention in the documentation that SX126x-Arduino library is required, or add it as dependency, so that it is automatically installed.

I am 100% sure I do not make any use of the Arduino Low Power library because this library is for the SAMD21 MCU and does not work with the nRF52 MCU’s.