WisBlock Core and WisDuo Module replacement question

We are going to use a WisBlock to collect solutions on some sensors. The question is whether it is possible to replace the WisBlock Core with WisDuo Module and use the same firmware?

Hello @mykhalych90

The answer is yes and now :thinking:

Most of the WisDuo modules (RAK4200/RAK4270/RAK4600) need an UART-USB chip to be able to communicate over USB, that’s why we created the WisDuo Evaluation Boards. These EVB’s use a different Base board (RAK5005) which has the UART-USB chip.

The WisBlock Core modules (RAK4631/RAK11200/RAK4631) do have UART-USB built in. So the Base board is different, it is the RAK5005-O.

Some WisBlock extension modules (sensors, IO) should work with the WisDuo EVB’s, but it is not tested, and some might not work, because WisDuo module have less IO’s, some (RAK4600) have no Analog input.

Thanks for the answer.
We just want to use the WisBlock for tests, and then take all the necessary circuitry, software (for example, Arduino), and replace the WisBlock core with the WisDuo Module.

Can we do it with RAK11310 WisBlock and WisDuo LPWAN Module RAK11300? Are they interchangeable in terms of firmware?

Yes they are interchangeable.

and one more question)
we see that 11300 are sold out now. Tell me, are they expected to be further produced?

Actually they are not sold out, we are waiting for the first production batch. Should be available mid/end of this month.

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and there is a question about the bootloader. Do I need to replace the bootloader in the WisDuo 11300 to use it as the 11310 WisBlock ?

and I can’t find any power consumption of 11300 info in sleep mode

Bootloader is the same for RAK11300 and RAK11310.

Documentation is still work in progress. Some data will be added later.

thank you for answer)