Wisblock Core module suggestion

Of course I want the best of both worlds:

Are there any plans for developing an ESP32 core with an integrated LoRa module?

Such a combination would open up so many doors.

I know that we could use the 4631 etc. with the RAK2305, but that takes up the IO connection which we cannot then use for controling LED arrays, etc.

We have several solutions for you in our planning. But I cannot give you details yet.

Stay tuned for good news, next WisBlock modules will come in December.

That’s really good to hear … the latest new offerings look fantastic BTW. Well done to you and your team @beegee

Thank you Bill.

We are planning to release new WisBlock modules every 3 months and we are adjusting our plans to feedback and requests we get from customers.

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This is just fantastic timing for us too, I’d switched over to prototyping with a Wemos D1 and a Seeeduino Xiao for the next piece in our puzzle due to space constraints, but the RAK19003 has come out just in time for me to switch back to … a single MCU type across our whole (multi controller) solution, which is sooooo convenient.

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