Wisblock Kit 2 power consumption

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  • What product do you wish to discuss? RAK4631-R

  • What firmware version? Can it be obtained with AT+VER=? AT+VER=RUI_4.1.0_RAK4631

  • Computer OS?Windows

  • What Computer OS version? Windows 11

Good afternoon,

I need to specify a battery capacity for a railways wagon to run with a Wisblock Kit 2 for 6 months, the I need to know the minimum and maximum power consumption (GPS and accelorometer).

Could you help me?



Hello Claudio,

You have to measure the consumption of the device to be able to calculate the required battery size. As the consumption depends on

  • how often do you send location data
  • how long it takes to get a valid location (can be 30-60 seconds from a cold start of the RAK12500)
  • how often do you acquire a location
  • what LoRaWAN region, what data rate, what TX power
    it is difficult to give an assumption.

If you can get a Nordic PPK2, that is a very good tool to measure the current consumption. (No, I am not earning anything when you buy a PPK2, but I really love that device).
Example measurement from a RAK4631 on a RAK19007. Sending every 60 seconds on AS923-3 with max TX power.~34uA sleep current, but that is not relevant because of the send interval of 1 minute,

Rough calculation:
376uA in 10 minutes ==> 22.56mA per hour
6 months = ~4320 hours ==> 97Ah battery

Which means that needs some improvements :grin:

Changing the send interval to 10 minutes:

~57uA in 10 minutes ==> 342 uA per hour
6 months = ~4320 hours ==> 1200mAh battery

That’s more feasable

Good morning,

It is really amazing your knowledge about all aspects of RAKWireless solutions! Congratulations!

Thank you very much!


Well I found my first calculation in the earlier post are wrong :rofl:
It is not that bad.

(1) Sending every minute
376uA in 10 minutes ==> 376 * 6 = 2256uA per hour (2.256mA or 0.002256A)
6 months = ~4320 hours ==> 9.8Ah battery (still not good)

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