WisBlock Kit 2 - Tracker - Sensors 12500 & 1904 - Firmware

Good morning,

I bought and I received yesterday, a WisBlock Kit 2 - Tracker - Sensors 12500 & 1904. But I didn´t find a code version to work with the 12500 GPS sensor and 1904 accelerometer sensor.

Do you know where Could i find this code?



Welcome back to the forum @crmrosa

Here is some example code: RAK4631-Kit-2-RAK12500-RAK1906

Thank you.

I will try to work with this code. I will give news as soon as possible.

Just let me give some informations, about the project:

  1. It will be a PoC for railways wagon tracking solution for 19.000 wagons, but this will be the first one

Thank very much by your code.

We will work with the LNS AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN, then we will need to create a Payload Decoder to run in a Lambda machine and we will work with AWS SiteWise as application server. Do you have a payload format documentation that you based on it to create the Decoders available in your folder ?



Hi Claudio,

We have a decoder that works on TTN, Chirpstack and in the Datacake visualization platform.
I guess it can be adapted to work on AWS ==> RAKwireless_Standardized_Payload.js

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