Wisblock Kit 3 Configure to AU915

Hi this is my first Lora Project. I have built the RAK Wisblock kit 3 GPS Tracker. I am completing the configuration of the frequency band. how do I reconfigure to AU915. Screenshot below:

Hello @EMUData, welcome to the forum.

About the EUI’s and the App Key:

DevEUI (nodeDeviceEUI)

It is printed on the label of the RAK4631. It is a unique device identifier that has to be different for each single LoRaWAN node

AppEUI (nodAppEUI)

Is an application identifier on the LoRaWAN server. You get this EUI from your LoRaWAN server application

AppKey (nodeAppKey)

Is an encryption key, only known by your LoRaWAN node and the LoRaWAN server. Most servers can create this key for you when you register a device in the server application.

You can find more detailed information in TTN Addressing & Activation. Better to look here LoRaWAN alliance FAQ #4

Select the region

To set the region to AU915, look into the example code and find LoRaMacRegion_t gCurrentRegion = LORAMAC_REGION_EU868;. Replace LORAMAC_REGION_EU868 with LORAMAC_REGION_AU915 to select the AU915 region. You can find a list of supported regions in the SX126x-Arduino library info

@beegee Thank you I am very grateful for your help.

That’s what we are here for. If you have more questions, let us know.

More information about how to connect the WisBlock to LoRaWAN can be found in our Documentation Center