Wisblock, LoRa AND WiFi

I want to use a Wisblock setup with LoRa and Wifi. (RAK5005-0 V.1)

I see that I could setup LoRa in the core slot (RAK 11310) and WiFi in the IO Slot (RAK2305 Ver. 3)

Or i could set up WiFi as the core (RAK11200) and LoRa in the IO Slot (RAK 13300).

My question: is there any difference in the functionality of these two setups? Any things one set up can do and the other can’t?

My preferred system would generate an MQTT message on my home computer, and send via WiFi to the RAK setup. The setup would then translate the message to LoRa format, and send it to a distant Lora, in a P2P configuration.

Hi @tgibbs99

The difference between the two setups:

RAK11310 & RAK2305

  • WiFi is controlled over AT commands from the RAK11310
  • Limited control what WiFi is doing, only what the Espressif AT command firmware (on the RAK2350) is supporting is possible.
  • Full control over LoRa/LoRaWAN

RAK11200 & RAK13300

  • Using Espressif ESP32-Arduino BSP to control WiFi
  • Full control over WiFi
  • Full control over LoRa/LoRaWAN

Personally I prefer the RAK11200 & RAK13300 solution, I have an solution working and published the source codes in MHC-Sunnyboy-RAK13300

Thanks so much for the detailed reply!