Wisblock LoraWAN sending data over LoraWAN

Hey guys, I have a simple problem…
I’ve been learning the ropes with Lorawan. I’ve setup a couple 8ch gateways successfully (one for TTN and another for Loriot). I have a Wisblock and was able to get it connected to TTN so everything is good there. However I’m trying to figure how to send sensor data to TTN. Does anyone have script where they are sending data from one of the sensor modules to TTN? I would love to peer into the source code. Alternatively for there is a tutorial where someone has done this for Wisblock, a link would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Have you checked the extensive documentation that also links to all the source code you could ever want that RAK provide?

Hi @clevert ,

May I know what WisBlock module you are using so I can direct you to the right example/guide?

RAK4630 base with RAK1910 GPS sensor. I’m looking at sending gps coordinates over to TTN.

Please have a look at this example - WisBlock/examples/RAK4630/solutions/GPS_Tracker at master · RAKWireless/WisBlock · GitHub

The .ino code is here as well as the explation/guide on the README.md :+1:

Thanks @carlrowan! That was exactly what I was looking for. I got this connected to TTN and was successfully able to decode the messages. Now I’m in the ‘why does this work’ phase.
Particularly of interest is to figure out how the buffer works:

I think understanding that bit would be valuable… if you have a resource for this let me know. Otherwise I’ll just keep on googling!
Thanks for the assist!

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This should help:


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