Wisblock Outdoor Tracker Starter Kit Questions


I have a couple questions so I’ll try to keep the context short.

I’m trying to develop an outdoor tracker for my son who has disabilities. Something small I can strap to his wrist, I’ve been building / testing meshtastic with several different products (not produced by RAK), most are too large after adding a battery or GPS to realistically use. So I saw the RAK products which look perfect as the mini base board is very small.

Q1. Are there any tutorials for the Starter Kit (I already purchased)? Doesn’t matter if it’s for meshtastic or any other firmware.

Q2. Are there any other products that might fit my use case? I saw the LoraWan Sticker? Is there anything that small with rechargeable battery and excellent range?

I also saw the pre-made LoraWan GPS Tracker, but I’m hoping to build something a little more customizable.

Edit: I’m aware of, and found the github with the 2 examples, more looking for a curriculum that was possibly designed for the kit.

Welcome to RAK forum @djfolo ,

You can use this complete guide for your Outdoor Tracker Kit.

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Thanks! That’s basically exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile: