WisBlock Pin Mapper

Good day

the WisBlock Pin Mapper is a great tool, but the different sequence between selector and result got me puzzled for a moment - here is what I mean:

  • Selector: Base - Core - IO
  • Result: IO - Base - Core

Is there a reason for the changed sequence between the two? What am I missing?


Hi guys

here is another question: according to its datasheet the RAK1910 WisBlock GNSS Location Module can only be installed in the slot A (as it requires RX) - why is it listed in all four (A - D) drop-down menus? That doesn’t make sense to me. I must be missing something here.


That is a good point, I will ask our web developers if they can change it.
I guess the Sensor Slot modules are just loaded from a single list that includes all available modules (in 2020, an update is coming), and that is the reason.