WisBlock RAK6430 is not recognized by my pc


My laptop (windows 11) does not recognize the WisBlock RAK 6430. When I plug it into the computer and double click on the reset button on WisBlock Dual IO based board (RAK19001), I heard the sound like it is detected. However, a new device does not appear in the file explorer.

  • The USB cable is the original cable, and I have tested it with another cable.
  • The Red LED on the base board lights up when I connect it to computer.

Please see the picture of my Arduino. It shows only COM4, not showing the description of the device.
And also get this message when I click on “Get Board Info”.

Can anyone suggest me on this?

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Your RAK4631 is using the RUI3 bootloader, at least that is what the USB VID and PID tell me.

Did you intentionally buy a RAK4631-R?

If you want to use RUI3 BSP with the RAK4631-R, you need to install the correct Arduino BSP ==> RAK4631-R Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

If you want to use your RAK4631 with the open source BSP, you need to reflash the bootloader as shown here ==> Device Firmware Upgrade | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Thanks for your explanation and sharing.
Actually, I am new to this, and I will try to know more about this.

Hi @beegee ,

Thanks for your kind explanation and support.
I am trying to use the RAK5802 RS485 for RAK4631-R with RUI3 BSP. Being a newbie, I am looking for the example for it, but I found the example of using the modules RAK1901 and RAK1902 connecting to RAK4631-R here RAK4631-R Demo and Example | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Please kindly let me know if there is any resource that I can use as a reference to set up the module RAK5802 RS485 connecting to RAK4631-R.

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We are working on more examples for RUI3, but right now they are limited.

You can use the Arduino BSP RAK5802_RS485 example, but the ArduinoRS485 library used in the example needs a small change.

Once you have installed the ArduinoRS485 library you need to add


in the file RS485.h of the library.

Thank you very much, Sir.

I will.