Wisblock recommended battery

It should work normally without any special configuration. The USB Vbus and battery connector share the same regulator. What code are you running with the WisBlock? Can you run a simple LED blinking?

If that is for all 4 unit, I am thinking that the voltage is not going to the module. Can you check the voltage on the header pins if you can detect any when you are using the external power source? It might be the wires/cable going to the module causing it?

The power supply is fine: as mentioned we can power other boards perfectly well

We have tried different batteries, all charged, and various max voltages

I believe that the power supply if fine as well.

What I suggest is check the voltage on the board or check the continuity of connection form the power supply to the connector of wisblock.

If I place a volt meter across the two battery header pins (circled in the attached image) when connected to the power supply I can read the expected 4.2v

Thanks for checking @billr .

Have you checked if 3.3V is present on the WisBlock Core RAK4631? What program is uploaded to the WisBlock? Can you try a LED blinking program?

I will check the core for voltage and upload a simple blinking LED program in a couple of hours time and get back to you.

Thanks for your patience with this.

@carlrowan well it seems that the power draw is so small that the desktop power supply is just not registering. The flashing LED program clearly shows that all is in fact working fine … I actually had to check the program we were using for testing the batteries and it seems that the pin had been wrongly defined.

Maybe it’s time we introduced an oscilloscope to monitor our power consumption.

Thank you for your time on this!

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