Wisblock recommended battery


Is there a recommended battery to use with Wisblocks (for production rather than prototyping)?


Hello Richard, welcome to the forum.

Basically any LiPo battery that matches the specification given here can be used.

Mechanical size and capacity of the battery depends on your application, space restrictions and requirements of life-time of your application before a re-charge is required.

Thanks Bernd,

If you could point me to any specific batteries from RS or Element13 to save me chasing them to ensure the spec is correct, I’d appreciate it. If not I understand.

In terms of size, it would need to fit in to the RAKBox B3:
£7.44 | RAKBox B3 | RAKwireless Indoor Enclosure for WisBlock products

Also, do you know of any distributors etc selling Wisblock consumer products commercially anywhere right now?

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The tech sales people will be able to help but as chemistry is a world wide ‘thing’, a Lithium Polymer battery is a LiPo is a LiPo. So it’s down to your deciding what the run time of the device should be aka the capacity and how much space in the box you want it to take up, aka the dimensions.

By purchasing from RS, Farnell, Rapid, Mouser, DigiKey etc you can show due diligence. Doesn’t stop them catching fire if misused thou.

Nick already said it, LiPo is LiPo. Now for the RAKBox B3, there is a space to hold a battery. But it is not for an 18650 cell. You will need to search for a shorter alternative.

For a local reseller, please check out our Value Added Resellers list