Wisblock regulatory type approvals

What regulatory approvals does Wisblock have?

If you create a simple node (eg. temp & humidity) with standard blocks and Wisblock case, is this legal to sell in the UK and EU? Or are additional approvals required?


Hi Richard,

These are the certificate of your WisBlock Base and Core modules.

RAK4631 - https://downloads.rakwireless.com/LoRa/WisBlock/RAK4631/Certification/
RAK5005-O - https://downloads.rakwireless.com/LoRa/WisBlock/RAK5005-O/Certification/

On creating your own product, the approach on getting CE compliance is up to you. The easiest and cost effective path will be Conformity Assessment by Not Using Harmonized Standards.

More info in this link https://incompliancemag.com/article/complying-with-the-eus-emc-directive-without-3rd-party-testing/

The Certificates of the WisBlock Modules should be useful on securing your needed approvals.

Hi Carl,

Thanks, this is useful info. It does look like some level of testing will be required which I’m not really in a position to do right now. If RAK could present a testing free ‘CE route to market’ document,I think it could be really positive for production deployments of Wisblock devices by small startups - which I believe is the intention with this range.

Also, finding a recommended battery for Wisblock has been a challenge. I’m looking for some specific guidance on manufacturer/part number rather than ‘use a 3.7V LiPo’. Any thoughts you have on this would be welcome.

Thanks again for your support.

Have you found anyone else doing this?

If you use WisBlock parts that are certified, what else is there to do?

Hi Nick, no but Wisblock is a fairly unique proposition as I see it. It’s a great idea and I would love it to be a real success.

From Carl’s document, CE+CE != CE. I think with the right TCF, it would be fine but I don’t want to inadvertently fall foul of the rules, as it could be expensive. If there was a cost free way to de-risk it, that would be great. If not, I will wait to see how others sell these products.

Thanks for your reply,

Personally I see the WisBlock as a great prototyping and small scale deployment platform or even a large scale deployment from within an organisation, none of which requires a formal CE test.

If you make a retail product then you may prototype it with WisBlock and then move on to one of the RAK modules with the sensors on a PCB. That would benefit from a CE review, partial testing based on the modules existing certification or, if you have £10k to burn, a full set of tests. Depends on who you are selling to and how likely you are to damage something or people with it.

It would be hard to comment without knowing if you are creating a mass market device or something more bespoke.

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