Wisblock TTN payload decoder

Dear RAK experts:
Can we use the general TTN payload decoder:

As it should work for NON RUI devices like the RAK7200:

I already created a simple TTN payload decoder for the Wisblock tracker but want to complete it for more sensors.

Hi @JeroenKl,

Payload decoder on the network server should match how the payload was packaged on your node. I dont thing there’s a general payload decoder for wisblock because you have the control on how you want the data to be arranged and packaged.

If you want to use RAK7200 decoder, then you need to follow the payload of RAK7200 for your wisblock tracker. Though I think it will be easier if you just create a different decoder for your wisblock tracker project.

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Hi @carlrowan,

Yes that’s true, that’s why the Wisblok system is so flexible. Can create and define your own setup and config.
Your answer is clear, I’ll proceed to tweak my playload decoder for my wisblock tracker (GPS, Batt, Acc)
Thanks for your prompt reply.


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