WisBlock with AT Commands, Is it possible?

Could I implement AT Commands in WisBlock boards/sensors?



RAK4631 which is the current wisblock core available is not supported by RUI firmware. So RAK standard AT commands will not work. Of course, you can create your own AT command implementation but will take time.

Why do you need AT commands? Have you checked our WisDuo EVB https://docs.rakwireless.com/Product-Categories/WisDuo/#wisduo-evb? It might interest you since they have the same form factor and concept of Wisblock. These EVBs support the standard AT Commands and RAK RUI. However, the base board for these is different on the Wisblock. WisDuo EVB uses RAK5005 and Wisblock uses RAK5005-O.


I am looking for a easy way, in the field, I mean with a usb port, customize operational parameters (LoRa Keys, operational timer, like sleep/wakeup).

I know that, with BLE support, may it can be create a smartphone app to configure the endnode, but it is another process to develop.

Any suggestion?


When you say in the field, you mean you have no computer/laptop so you can’t recompile but need to set parameters using your smartphone?

If you only need to set few parameters, probably you can do it via UART either wired (smartphone OTG) or wireless (BLE UART). You don’t need to develop an application for this since you can use downloadable Apps where you can send serial (UART) data from your smartphone to WisBlock Core RAK4631. Probably you can format your parameters via CSV then parse them on the Wisblock Core. All the coding should be done only on the WisBlock Core side and no App. I am not sure how experienced you are in coding C/C++, but this shouldn’t be really difficult if you know how to handle CSV strings.

There can be other approaches to your situation but that’s how I will do it if I am on your case.

Of course, things will be simpler if you have your laptop. Change parameters then upload to the device :slight_smile:

Work in progress, but I made a Android BLE app for myself to perform several actions over BLE with RAK4631 and with ESP32 chips. My-nRF52-Toolbox. The matching RAK4631 code is not published yet, but I will put it up on Github if you are interested.


Yes please! I’m interested

Here you go. As I said, it is work in progress and not always functioning.

RAK4631 source code: RAK4631-LoRa-BLE-Config
Android app: My nRF52 Toolbox
Android app source code: My-nRF52-Toolbox

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:smiley: Everybody is waiting for … funny

Excellent job! Congratulations! Your job is a light in the end of our tunnel :sunny:

Hmmmm, perhaps some sort of Arduino with touch screen that provides a variation of the Serial Tool to connect to a UART out in the field???

Could be pre-loaded before you leave the office with the settings so you don’t have to do too much on screen.

By a BLE is easier :slight_smile:

Only if the device has BLE, most of mine don’t.

Sure, I just want to say that the BLE development will bring a lot of value for the solution. One of the first will be to facilitate the provisioning process in the field, where many time you don´t have a laptop or similar…

Great idea and nice work Bernd!

Just need to make it work on every Android phone. Unfortunately I have feedback that it doesn’t work on some phones.
Still investigating (something for the weekend to do).

I already install the App in my Android phone. @beegee, do you have the code for the RAK4631 to connect by BLE?