WisDevice RAK7205-868Mhz, GPS turn on/off

in my application RAK7205 is placed in a metro tunnel. It is possible to implement (as RAK7200) this AT command:

Turn on or turn off GPS

X - 0: close, 1: open, 2: sleep, 3: standby

Because in a tunnel the satellite signal not found.

thx, cm

Hello cm,

RAK7205 is using the RAK5205 board, that doesn’t support that at command.

Hi @cmioci,
I’ve tested and you can use at+set_config=device:gps_timeout:X and set the X to 1second. Your module will start looking for satellites and after a second it will timeout and stop the GPS. It’s not the best option for power saving as your GPS will start for a while until the timeout stops it, but it may do the job.

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Hi, @Nikola,
many thanks for your hint, I’ll do it.
Best regards