WisDM Error adding location

I am trying to add a 2nd location for a RAK7249CV2 and in the Network Configuration tab, selecting Basic Station and the related setting, I get the error text and it will not save the location:

packetForwarderFilter cannot exist alongside the following defined properties: basicStation

Bonus error. Using the Support link on the bottom of the WisDM page gives an error submitting after entering all the info. I figure here was the fallback.

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Basic Stations configuration depends on the kind of service is implemented in your LoRa Network Server. What is your LNS? TTN, AWS, Chirpstack, etc… ?

I already configured in the TTN and AWS.

I am attempting to setup a 2nd location for TTN using CUPS.
The first gateway is fine.

At the moment, I setup the new gateway directly to TTN, however I would like to add it to WisDM.

The WisDM is a good tool to create templates and you can apply templates to a group (called fleet) of gateways. This way, the configurations task will be faster and easy.

You create a location with all standards, in your case “basic station” and you can apply them to many gateway.

Other important point is that all change should be made in the WisDM, because it make synchronizations periodically, then if you do a local change in the gateway, this will be lost because in the next synchronization, WisDM will overwrite them with the template that you create.


There seems to be an issue with WisDM. We are running into an error creating new network configurations. We have configured 100s of gateways on WisDM using documented procedures and are now receiving the same error the poster is getting when we try to create new basics station configs.

Due to the lack of a response, I posted to the rakwireless general inquiry page.

@Pubtest @havko the issue with the WisDM is now resolved.
For future support requests, reach us via the WisDM support mechanism (at the bottom of the WisDM page) or with a direct inquiry to [email protected]

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