WisGate Edge Lite 2, LTE (7268C)

Hi community!
I’m having a situation with my WisGate Lite 2 GW (version 1):
Connection doesn’t switch to cellular after losing Wi-Fi or ethernet connection, apparently when ethernet is present, cellular doesn’t gain priority. It just work on cellular after a power on (with Wi-Fi off and ethernet cable unplugged).

  • Firmware is updated to the last version available WisGateOS_1.3.6_RAK_b150_RAK634.
  • I made a fresh start (hard reset) after installing the firmware, but the problem is still there.
  • I configured cellular with priority 1, ethernet with 2 and Wi-Fi with 3.
  • It happens with different chips and carriers
  • When it’s on cellular after a power on, connection works fine

Thanks in advanced!

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I updated the firmware as well. But still gateway is showing red blink lights. Not reporting. Please help!