WisGate Edge Lite 2 node whitelisting


I am planning to buy the WisGate Edge Lite 2 but I need to make sure that node whitelisting option is available with it. If so, is it also available in the WisDM in order to update the whitelist remotely?
I cannot find anything about this in the documentation.

Thank you for the help.

not sure what you mean by whitelisting nodes, but if the node is not added to the application it will not be allowed to join… same goes for local server or TTN…

Hello @Civilduino the white list mode is available in all RAK Edge gateways in Packet Forwarder mode. As for now, it is not available in the WisDM, but will be added soon.

That is great to know!

What I want to do is to filter my devices in order to save data when using cellular connection, for example filtering the DevEUI as explained here Filtering LoRaWAN traffic on gateway level | by Vit Prajzler | The Startup | Medium

If I understand correctly, using the Packet Forwarder mode stills allows me to connect to my TTN server, correct?

Thanks again!

Hello @velev, can you point me to documentation or screenshots as to where the whitelist functionality can be found? I looked around the menus and was not able to find it. I have a RAK7268C.

My goal is to do exactly what @Civilduino is trying to do - i.e. save data when using a cellular connection.


Hello @dangermikeb,

The white list functionality can be found in the packet forwarder mode. Check the User Manual of the WisGate OS for more information.

thanks, @Martin , that’s what I was looking for!

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