WisGate Edge Lite 2 RAK7268\RAK7268C: disabled basic station?

Just started playing with my WisGate Edge Lite 2 (side note: I noticed there isn’t a quick start for this particular model on the docs.rakw… website). One thing I had high hopes for was using the basic station to connect to Loriot. The wisegate has the option disabled:

Is this a hardware limitation? Or can firmware eventually fix this. If it’s not ever going to be supported this would be a deal breaker…

I’m in the same situation. I think this is a requisite to connect to AWS IOT.
I’ve contacted RAK support and they said this version does not support basic station.
From the support: “AWS and TTN doesn’t support SX1302 due to additional channels in the chip. You can still connect you Gateway as a packet forwarder to TTN.”

My initial intention was to use AWS IoT to manage the gateway and devices.

Interestingly, on June 10th there was a video posted regarding using the Edge Lite 2 with TTN via basic station. How is that possible? Connect your WisGate Edge Lite 2 gateway to The Things Stack - Jose Marcellino (RAK Wireless) - YouTube
I wonder if there is a different firmware we can use?

I just watched the video @clevert and it’s frustrating to see the functionality is there.
I hope they can update the firmware soon. I bought this version because of the Canadian certification as well as to manage the device via AWS IoT instead of TTN.
They had no timeline for a new firmware with a workaround when I contacted their support.

Is anyone from RAKWireless able to comment on this? Thank you.

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@rickp @clevert Yes, there is an issue between SX1302 and the Basics Station connection with the cloud services. RAK software team is working on a hotfix that will be available very soon. I will update you as soon I have some timeframe.

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Hi @velev ,

Any updates on the timeframe? This is a trivial feature we all need. Please give us a timeframe as to when the update will be released ASAP.


On another note @clevert @rickp .

I was using the UDP packet forwarder with the things stack cloud. When I use the gateway in UDP mode about 75% of the uplinks from my device are not received by the gateway at all! But if I change to network server mode (built in network server in the gateway) then the gateway receives all my uplinks without any issues.

Is anyone else facing similar issues?

Any information about this from the RAK team?


@Harid Firmware with a fix for the BS issue will be released this or upcoming week. I will post here once it is released.

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Can you share the output from the node and the packet logger of the gateway?

@velev Thanks for the update about the new firmware! Looking forward to your post!

I tried setting up a Chirpstack network server on GCP and I’m receiving all uplinks/downlinks without any packet loss there. I am using UDP to forward my packets to chirpstack. So I think I configured the things stack incorrectly. I Will post log output once I test switching back to the things stack.

Hello @Harid
I’ll give it a try and I’ll let you know.

hey @rickp

Looking forward to your results! I have been testing more with chirpstack and seems to be working great so far! No packets dropped! Seems like its some config option in the things stack I’m missing. We will know more after your trial!

Any updates on the new firmware becoming available? Thank you.

Hey, it will be available later today in our download center. Till then you can use this link to download it: RAK WisGateOS1.1.1.

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Hi Guys!

My Wisgate Edge Lite 2 landed today! 868mhz non LTE

Are these errors normal in the logs?

Hi @everythingsconnected Please check the firmware version, and update to the latest that I shared above. The dataRate value error is a known issue(it is wrong notification) that is not affecting the work of the GW.

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I get a Red pulsing LED with the firmware in the link. Doesn’t seem happy?

@everythingsconnected If your GW is connected to the internet and you are connected to a LoRa Network Server, it should be green :wink: You can control the behavior from the System-> System menu

Basic Station is not happy with this latest Firmware on mine. Keeps disconnecting/reconnecting on The Things Stack v3. Rolling back to previous firmware all okay. Many errors in the logs.

@everythingsconnected Can you share the errors in the logs? Are you see the issue with WisGateOS1.1.1?