WisGate Edge Lite 2 RAK7268\RAK7268C: disabled basic station?

Just started playing with my WisGate Edge Lite 2 (side note: I noticed there isn’t a quick start for this particular model on the docs.rakw… website). One thing I had high hopes for was using the basic station to connect to Loriot. The wisegate has the option disabled:

Is this a hardware limitation? Or can firmware eventually fix this. If it’s not ever going to be supported this would be a deal breaker…

I’m in the same situation. I think this is a requisite to connect to AWS IOT.
I’ve contacted RAK support and they said this version does not support basic station.
From the support: “AWS and TTN doesn’t support SX1302 due to additional channels in the chip. You can still connect you Gateway as a packet forwarder to TTN.”

My initial intention was to use AWS IoT to manage the gateway and devices.

Interestingly, on June 10th there was a video posted regarding using the Edge Lite 2 with TTN via basic station. How is that possible? Connect your WisGate Edge Lite 2 gateway to The Things Stack - Jose Marcellino (RAK Wireless) - YouTube
I wonder if there is a different firmware we can use?

I just watched the video @clevert and it’s frustrating to see the functionality is there.
I hope they can update the firmware soon. I bought this version because of the Canadian certification as well as to manage the device via AWS IoT instead of TTN.
They had no timeline for a new firmware with a workaround when I contacted their support.

Is anyone from RAKWireless able to comment on this? Thank you.

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@rickp @clevert Yes, there is an issue between SX1302 and the Basics Station connection with the cloud services. RAK software team is working on a hotfix that will be available very soon. I will update you as soon I have some timeframe.