WisGate Edge Pro No recibe datos

Hello, I have purchased a Gateway, specifically the WisGate Edge Pro, WisGateOS 2.
We follow the steps shown in the documentation to connect it with AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN, everything seems to be fine, but so far in the AWS console we do not see data received from the end devices, nor join request, nor anything similar through this antenna.

What seems strange to us is that in the packet capturer on the gateway’s web we see some uplink messages that we cannot identify if they are from our devices or not. We have placed a sensor in test mode, which is why it constantly sends messages, but it is not reflected in this way in the AWS console or in the Gateway console.

I appreciate if anyone knows that it could be can support me.

Hello @edesedas,

Have you followed the guide strictly? Probably it is either a misconfiguration of the gateway or some error when creating and connecting the policies in AWS.
Can you show us a screenshot of the configuration page of the gateway?

Best Regards,
Nikols Semov

Hello Nikola

When we titled the case saying that the Gateway did not receive data, we said it based on the fact that in the Packet Capture we saw the following:

The strange thing is that, after checking the AWS console, we did see the data traffic without problems, that’s where the doubt arose since in the previous image we see, according to the legend, that the type of messages were “Unconfirmed Data Up” and therefore we thought that the data was not being generated, therefore we would like to know what is the difference between “Unconfirmed Data Up” and “Confirmed Data Up”

Additionally, I share the image with the Gateway configuration, by the way if it serves as a reference, we are in Panama.

Hello @edesedas ,

Let me get it straight, You are able to receive the gateway traffic in the AWS Console, right?

As for the meaning of Unconfirmed/ Confirmed Data Up:
“Unconfirmed Data Up” refers to a type of transmission in which data is sent from a device to a gateway without any acknowledgment or confirmation that the data has been received. This type of transmission is typically used for applications where the occasional lost packet is acceptable, such as in sensor networks where data is continuously transmitted.

“Confirmed Data Up,” on the other hand, refers to a type of transmission in which the device waits for an acknowledgment or confirmation from the gateway that the data has been received before proceeding with the next transmission. This type of transmission is typically used in applications where data integrity is critical, such as in the case of security systems or asset tracking.

In summary, the main difference between “Unconfirmed Data Up” and “Confirmed Data Up” is that the former does not require confirmation of successful transmission, while the latter does. The choice between the two types of transmission depends on the specific application requirements and the level of importance placed on data integrity.

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Hello Nikola

Incredible explanation, thank you very much.

With this, our doubt is cleared up.