Wisnode-Lora with Rak811-N latest firmware

Hi, I have 5 Wisnode-Lora with the RAK811-N module, the one with the Nano100 chip. I was researching and did not find where I can download the latest functional version for the RAK811-N, since the version in the repositories and official sites are only for the RAK811 version with the ST chip. I need to be able to upgrade the 5 devices that I have. I also need to tell me where I can download the application to upgrade the firmware for these devices. Thank you.

I assume you buy that Wisnode-lora board with RAK811-N 1 year ago, right?

Yes, it is one of the first models. The wisnode is version 1.1. It was bought for a personal project. But I encounter this problem that the available documentation, such as firmwares are not compatible. Could you send me the binary files of the latest version that is available for this model?

Hi Kenyu, I’m still waiting for a response. Can you help me? Thanks

Hi @mfalconf Please send mail to [email protected] for replacement of the board with the new one.

Thank you.

Hi, velev, I have a kit with 5 board all with the same issue. Can you explain what is the problem with those boards?. I will send mail to Ken for the replacement. Thanks.

Hi, those boards uses MCU that will not be supported from RAK anymore. So you have to change them with new ones that will be supported with MCU STM32.

Ok Velev, thanks for the explanation. it would be nice if this is stressed somewhere at the rak811 Quick Start Guide to help others that may be have same problems. Thanks.

We will consider to add this. Thank you for your feedback.

Hi @velev !

I also have the first version (RAK811-N) board, what can I do to make it work?

Welcome back to RAK forum @szogi , I suggest you send us a message in our support channel - Got Questions? Find Technical Support from RAKwireless - RAKwireless - IoT Made Easy . Your inquiry about this will be handled there.


I checked with our R&D team.

The RAK811-N is too old. We do not have any firmware files or tools for this module.