Wisnode TrackIt App Crash

Not sure if this is the correct category. The WisNode TrackIt app crashed everytime i open it on android phones. have tried multiple phones. Is there a new app i should be using? surly others are having this problem.

I have this issue, play store suggests other have it.

It is a known problem with Android 14, we have the same with our WisToolBox app.
The team has already located the problem, but is still testing.
A new version of the app (V1.0.6) will be release in the Google store in the next days.

thanks for coming back, thats great as my older tablet also doesn’t seem to like the app but for other reasons. it seemed not to like the notification permission setting, it takes you to the wrong place in the settings menu, at least on my phone. maybe something unrelated of course :slight_smile: